A Look at the Career of Thomas Belesis as CEO of John Thomas Financial

February 13, 2014

Thomas Belesis is a well-respected figure in the financial circles in America as he has vast experience as an economist and is also the founder of John Thomas Financial, one of the leading independent brokerage and investment firms in the US. Since 2007, John Thomas Financial has expanded at a phenomenal rate mainly due to the efforts of the founder and CEO, Thomas Belesis. Belesis’ vision of integrating innovation and capital for the development of emerging industries has been a driving force behind the success of JTF. In recent times, Thomas has received many accolades including Bronx GOP Man of the Year Award for 2009 and Businessman of the Year Award for 2011.

Thomas Belesis is considered to be one of the leading financial analysts in America and offers highly insightful opinions on the Wall Street and the state of the US economy. Belesis is a regular contributor to FOX Business News and CNBC despite having a busy schedule. Belesis has used his extensive experience in the private sector to uplift John Thomas Financial to turn the firm into an international brokerage network including affiliates such as John Thomas Private Wealth Management, John Thomas Global Trading and John Thomas Financial Insurance.

JTF holds membership of NASDAQ, FINRA and SIPC. The firm specializes in offering the best investments which can help the clients achieve their economic goals and objectives. With its headquarters located in New York City Financial District, John Thomas Financial constantly strives to bring the best services to its clients in retail brokerage, private wealth management, investment banking and corporate advisory services. JTF made news most recently when in August 2011, the firm announced that it was to be one of the leading sponsors of the World Energy Forum to be organized in UAE. The John Thomas Financial Outlook is considered to be an important report issued by the firm which presents an insightful and unbiased analysis of market outlook and consumer sentiments.

Thomas Belesis is also an ardent supporter of various humanitarian causes as he holds membership of Executive Board of World Energy Forum where he has been connecting with global leaders to address food and energy crises threatening a significant portion of world population. Belesis has also played vital role in raising funds for eradicating poverty and stopping spread of HIV/AIDS as the chairman of United Nations Global Millennium Development Foundation. His contribution towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research are also notable.





Finding the right hoop

January 13, 2014

Gymnasiums are a great place to gather for sports, free play, and to cheer on your favorite team. When it comes to basketball, it feels like that is what gyms were made for. If you are responsible for choosing a basketball hoop for your gymnasium, there are some important features to consider depending on who will be playing and what type of versatility you need.

If your adjustable basketball hoops players will be high school age and above, you can go all out with a high school and NCAA regulation hoop. Regulation specifics include a rim that is 18″ in diameter and 10 feet high. Regulation also states that backboards must be 72″ x 42″. Glass backboards are used for most high schools, colleges, and in the NBA. You can purchase glass backboards that are guaranteed to be unbreakable during play.

For a high school and above level rim, a competition breakaway goal is the ideal choice. When attached to a regulation size glass backboard, you will have the ultimate playing experience. Players will appreciate having the opportunity to play in a gym with this type of equipment. This combination is great for aggressive play.

If your players will be junior high age, you may want to consider some different type of equipment. An acrylic or steel backboard is great for this age. It still gives players all the space and rebound quality they need, while being economical. Sticking with a 42″ x 72″ regulation size backboard is a good idea. Junior high is a great age to learn the skills necessary to become a team player in high school. Having a regulation size backboard can give kids the confidence they need to be successful.

If you are purchasing a basketball hoop for a gymnasium that will be used by elementary age kids, an adjustable height hoop is the best choice. From ages 5-11 kids do a lot of growing and changing. Coordination is still being developed and height varies drastically from the littlest to the biggest. To have the versatility you need to accommodate growing kids, an adjustable height hoop is needed.